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December 1, 2019
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December 1, 2019

Simple, reliable and resistant for goods and passenger transportation

Hercules is a goods lift designed to provide a simple, reliable and resistant goods and passenger transportation between several floors in various industrial sectors, communities, shopping centers, supermarkets, warehouses, etc.

We guarantee maximum reliability and safety in the production of robust goods lift, durable, simple and fast, equipped with every device needed to make them more useful for the intended purpose, and more integrated with the site where will be installed. Resistant to water, heat and corrosive agents.
It will be your new reference point for the vertical transportation of people, cars and cargo.

In the design phase, the loads are analysed with a calculation program that establishes correct dimensions and ensures capacity and durability of the elevator.

The Hercules dimensions easily adapt to the transportation needs and to installation ambient, with special finishes in the case of transport in hospitals (stretcher), restaurants, hotels, even private houses with specific goods transportation needs.

Based on an advanced technology, the elevator Hercules goods lift offers a high accuracy in the stop procedure on the floor, regardless of the carried loads. Also equipped with reinforced thresholds, doors and structures, through the scope for which it is designed, the speed and the distance to be covered can be operated with hydraulic or electric drive.

The finishes of the lift car walls depends of the characteristics of the work ambient and the conditions of use. The sheet may undergo a special treatment with epoxy resins; it can be coated with special materials and with different colors for use in chemical and alimentary areas. The control panels of this goods lift are characterized by the simplicity of use and retain reliability over time.