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December 1, 2019
December 1, 2019

Lift Able To Link Vertical Gaps

The only lift that can be installed on floors with height differences maintaining a low ambient impact and ensuring long-term benefits.

Getislift offers innovative solutions in the field of inclined platform lifts and elevators, where the height differences to serve are willing on different spaces also on the horizontal plane.

A proposal of quality and innovation that allowed Getislift to become one of the greatest reference points in this segment of the vertical mobility, developing customised solutions to guarantee a better use of any space.

Getislift inclined platform lifts, can be made with hydraulic or traction rope, with or without the machine room, for internal or external: each solution is evaluated with the client to get the lowest environmental impact, materialising immediate benefits, destined to last for a long time.

The inclined elevators are therefore the line that completes the product range of the vertical transportation and automated mobility solutions by Getislift, which guarantees the quality of the components and the best standard of care with regard to the assembly and maintenance. Elements that do not lack be the object of continued appreciation by clients, and which have enabled the company to count a large portfolio of realisations, able to accumulate an extraordinary experience in national and international level.

Available respecting the highest levels of quality and system reliability, and able to be customised in all its main components, and terms of design, Getislift inclined platform lifts are your new reference point for practical and innovative mobility solution.

To know more we suggest you to contact our consultants using the contact details that you find at the bottom of this page: it will be our pleasure to show you all potential solutions to improve promptly the use of private or public spaces of your competence.