It takes you up

Getislift At the basis of a complex and reliable product, there is always a competent and reactive organization. The constant attention to the service and the ability to identify the needs of clients and provide them a fast and highly personalized solution are the most important factor of success. Through internal synergy processes – in terms of resources, technology and know-how – Getislift reach the best quality / price ratio with a high level of excellence and versatility.

Project to grow

Client focus also means high technical and design capabilities, to provide top quality tailored solutions. Getislift can always boast of a forefront design staff in the industry.
At the same time, Getislift undertook a constant of standardization activities and coordination of structural parts, components and especially assembly procedures; this approach enabled an specialization of technical personnel, allowing a very low execution and production times.

At the top of the technique

With Getislift each client has a technical department at their disposal. Through direct contact with a specialist, specifically dedicated to follow the project from conception to realization, they may face at best even the most complex systems. Real-time responses, strategic planning of the construction site, workflow punctual control are part of the Getislift method.

A high-profile reality

The Getislift range includes solutions to 360 degrees, by electric and hydraulic lifts, from standard installations up to special projects for the industry, from complex types of modernization and insertion into existing works to the innovative “roomless”, from small lifts up to panoramic elevators for large buildings and shopping centers. Being a Getislift partner means being part of a solid and growing reality. Upwardly.

Getislift looks at the world from above

A strong and unified group able to deal with this construction players in a rigorous and consistent way. Thanks to the absolute territorial coverage, Getislift enables large clients to interface with a single partner throughout Australia.
At the same time, each partner is the exclusive licensee in the territory: this allows achieving a strong loyalty by the clients and a detailed understanding of the lifts installed.