Getislift in Saudi Arabia: the made in Italy, increased
December 1, 2019
Panoramic lifts for interior a look at Discovery Line
Panoramic lifts for interior: a look at Discovery Line
December 1, 2019
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An Expo 2015 Experience Preview: Getislift


Getislift , the most exclusive lift manufacturer operating on the global market, is featured in Italy Inside, the first online guide showcasing the very best in Italian B2B excellence. Getislift was formed as the result of a partial merger between several leading companies in the Italian lift industry.

Italy Inside is a virtual journey to discover products and technological innovations from small and medium-sized Italian companies on world markets. It’s the lead editorial exclusive by Voxfabrica. It presents all over the world the small and medium-sized Italian companies who are developing ideas, products and technological innovations in line with Expo 2015 macro-themes and with the most advanced domestic industrial production and Getislift is one of them.

“We are set to close our first year in France with turnover of more than one million Euros, which represents 10% of our total revenue. Our presence is also growing on the UK, German and Russian markets, as well as in the East: the elevator entirely “made in Italy” is fast becoming the most popular international choice, leading us to compete with giants such as ThyssenKrupp, Schindler and Otis”: Paolo Rossano , Getislift President explains the global evolution of his firm.

Getislift is the fifth biggest Italian company in terms of the number of systems maintained (over 25,000). “But we have chosen the high-end,” adds Paolo, “because our mission is to design and build vertical movement solutions that other companies, multinationals included, cannot or do not want to produce.” 
It’s not by chance that top clients such as Armani, Prada, Ferragamo and Diesel have trusted the Getislift to build and manage the elevators in their stores all over the world.

The Brianza company was the clear winner in terms of technical score in tenders for the construction of facilities at the Reggia di Venaria Reale in Turin, the Milan Stock Exchange and Milan Malpensa international airport. 
A Getislift is in operation in one of every two seven star hotels in the world: “The excellence and the competitiveness of our technology stem from our “home grown” manufacturing process: this is the technical culture of a fabric of companies which has brought to life the biggest global elevator market, which is Italy with 850,000 systems installed”.

The Getislift “made in Italy” philosophy has seduced the nouveaux-riches too, such as the Russian magnates with their 70 metre, four-deck mega yachts: these wonders of the sea are installed with the Getislift Group’s most luxurious elevators. 
“All we need to know is what the architect wants, we can design and build any kind of system, designed not just as a means of vertical transport, but as an integrated and integral element in a wider architectural context”. We pay special attention to sustainability: Getislift are designed to save energy and using 98% recyclable materials.

Top clients such as Armani, Prada, Ferragamo and Diesel have chosen the Getislift “home grown” technical excellence to install and manage the elevators in their stores all over the world.

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